"I am not a sales person. I am a matchmaker. I introduce people to properties till they find the one to build memories in."

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Home Staging

Staging means having it cleaned, decluttered, painted, and minor repairs made. It's about creating an illusion and moods. It's about making the home look bigger, brighter, cleaner, and more loving. It's about dressing the house for sale!

Consultation & Services

Providing consultation and services for all Real Estate matters.

I aim to help and empower you with the right knowledge, facts and figures so that you can make wise decisions for your property.

Property Matchmaker

Whether you're selling, buying, renting or investing into properties, your interest is my utmost priority. With more than 10 years of experience in the property market, I will be able to provide the calculations and advice to help find your dream property.

Helping You Make A Smarter Move

Dear Friends,

I aim to help and empower you with the right knowledge, facts and figures so that you can make wise decisions for your property.

While a neighbour next door, a co-worker, friend or your siblings can and ready to provide you with “property investment advice”, you should get an experienced real estate agent who will be able to assess your needs and requirements. This alone can help you save or make thousands of dollars.

It can be 𝑨𝑵𝒀𝑾𝑯𝑬𝑹𝑬 at your convenience or 𝑨𝑵𝒀𝑻𝑰𝑴𝑬 too, as long as you are comfortable.

Most important is you feel comfortable with the ambiance and it suits your timing.

How high can you price your property?

Knowing how to price your property is an important factor in ensuring your property is being sold quickly.

When You're Selling

Knowing how to price your property is an important factor in ensuring your property is being sold quickly.
Pricing it too high can make your property less appealing and reduce the interest from buyers after some time.
On the flipside, while pricing your property below market value can drive multiple offers, but it may not be favorable for you in terms of your sales payout.
After gathering some information from my clients I will prepare comparative market analysis report for them.
This will include looking at similar properties that has been sold in the last six months in your neighborhood, locations and its surroundings.
By referring to this property comparative market analysis report, you will then be able to view it clearly and make a better, well informed pricing strategy for your property.

Service your HDB loan with CPF in Full?

Is this option viable for you?

When You're Buying

Buying your dream home is an exciting milestone. 
Just like many HDB owners, you may want to service most or all your home loans using your CPF.
Question is :

“Should you consider servicing your HDB loan with CPF in Full?”

Most of my clients have that option in mind especially when the couple have a healthy sum of money in their CPF.
Why? That is because most couples think that they do not have to worry about monthly recurring loans via cash or CPF again if the loans are paid in full.
While that may be the case for some, it may not be the best option for you.
Not having the right strategy may affect your retirement funds or financial standing in the future.
Want to know if this option is viable for you?

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Muhammad Saiful
Muhammad Saiful
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Long story cut short,Faizal was friendly,very knowledgeable and was professional in his work.will go through with you from the start till the end.He went extra mile out of his profession to help me make sure everything went smoothly..Very recommended to sellers/buyers out there. I will rate him 10/10.manage to help me upsize my current BTO to EM.Sold my property 1day upon MOP.Reply was very prompt even in the wee hours.Very satisfied with his service.I wish u all the best success in this field. Thank you very much agent Faizal. Highly Recommended..
Henry Ong
Henry Ong
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Faizal has been very professional, very proactive and very responsive to any queries that I had. He was very helpful in the entire process for the sale of my house. Due to my own personal issue there was a long delay and a few problems we encountered during the process of selling my house, but Faizal went the extra mile and assisted me in whatever ways possible. He has never complained but always served me with a sincere smile and positive attitude. When I am going to buy a new property, he will be my go-to agent and trusted real estate advisor. I will not hesitate to make recommend him to any of my relatives, friends or colleagues who are seeking for an housing agent! Thumb up for Faizal!
Easyrider Apiz
Easyrider Apiz
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Alhamdullillah, we are so grateful to have you as our housing agent. Your commitment is so outrageous. Sold the house within a week. Made an outstanding offer to the house we are interested in. Settle the paperworks without us worrying. Is always contactable and always gives prompt replies to our queries no matter how busy you are. You are always there, right from the start in Phase 1, meeting thru zoom, met us in Phase 2, and till now, handed over the house and our moving in, in Phase 3. Thank you for being a great advisor in selling and buying a house! Sincerely Hafis and family.

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